Wednesday, May 18, 2011

motherhood : happy 1st birthday penelope!


hey big birthday girl, so you're 1 today!!!

dear penelope,

now, how did a year fly by me? i'm in awe just thinking back to a year ago today and when we first met you. you were so teeny, yet so loud! voicing your opinion and letting us know you wanted to be heard even from the first moments after meeting you. to this day you still talk above the rest of us, letting out loud yells of excitement and happy laughs which puts a smile on anyone's face who may be around you. your fun personality mixed with a silly sense of humor (which you get from daddy) are a joy to watch. you're now clapping, pointing, drinking from a big girl cup and attempting to walk on your own, you're really close and then you'll be off to a mad dash! your brother, wyeth is your favorite toy, we're not to sure if he full knows this yet but you love hanging out with him, or on climbing on him and always look for him first before daddy or myself. i really hope you two continue to be the closest of friends, i can see he enjoys your company as well. i hope you have a fabulous 1st birthday little lady! it's sure been a great year so far and i can't wait for the years ahead!

xoxo love, mommy


  1. Love those big round eyes she has! Happy birthday Penelope!

  2. happy 1st birthday sweet girl!!!!

  3. A Big Happy Birthday to Our special Girl Penny, We Love You and miss you and your Brother so much, of course we miss your Mom& Dad too! All our Love Always, Nona & Grampa

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Penny! It sure was fun getting to spend time with you and Wyeth in Florida! You are such a sweet girl and a good baby! I enjoyed every moment! I cant imagine how much you will change before I get to see you again! Have a great 1st Bday ! Say Hi to Mommy, Daddy & Wyeth for us! LOVE YOU,
    Ronni & Lee

  5. What beautiful pictures!! Happy Birthday to the little sweetie!!!

  6. Happy birthday to Miss Penny! She looks to much like her beautiful mama! Hope you had a great day of celebration!

  7. yay, happy birthday! she's so cute!!

  8. thanks all! she had a lovely birthday and a fun weekend (this weekend) at the arboretum. pictures soon :)


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